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On-site production

Carnival Toys beacon of the “Made in Italy”. In fact, it is the only company where trade and production are joined together.

In fact, it has the following production lines:

- thermoforming line for plastic masks and hats

- streamers production and packaging line

- confetti production and packaging line
- extrusion and processing tower of polypropylene in granules to obtain the coloured thread for wigs
- production line, wig rooting
- costume design and production line

The team for the design and creation of high quality tailored costumes allows Carnival Toys to always offer new and original items on the market. Carnival Toys manufactures a whole range of confetti and streamers for every festive occasion in its factories and offers its customers the option of custom packaging with specific logos and graphics


an italian manufacture!

Carnival Toys has an extrusion die plate in order to work polypropylene granules. Therefore, the company is able to produce on its own a thread that is extremely suitable for the manufacturing of coloured wigs, thanks to its characteristics and endless colour variety.

Among the wide range of threads, these types are available:

  • smooth thread
  • curly thread (a from 10 to 50 mm wave)
  • texturised thread to obtain a frizzed-curly effect

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Make an appointment by calling the number +39 0544 419315, from Monday to Friday  8.00 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 18.00, or contact us at:  info@carnivaltoys.

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